Our company ethos and practise:

We aim to provide enjoyable new experiences through meaningful exchange with local people which gives an understanding of the country, its culture, local and environmental issues.  Our Medina guides give you a wonderful introduction to Marrakech and Morocco, whilst our local Berber trekking guides and Sahara nomads give you an in-depth knowledge of the country directly from the local people.

Working and supporting local people gives a greater tourism experience both to locals and their businesses and to you as the visitor.  There are greater benefits for all working directly with small local businesses.

We actively try to promote Moroccan partners who are environmentally conscious and supporting one another through education and business.

We employ local people and provide support and a fair working environment.  We have helped staff develop their skills, including language and in doing so provide a friendly and professional service to our clients.

Samir, Berber with Sahara origins can guide you through the history and culture of this exciting country.  We are committed to supporting our local communities, and creating once in a lifetime experiences for you.

What you can do:

Morocco and it’s heritage and culture are threatened by large Tourist Companies, this takes business and support from small local businesses offering real experiences and also makes for a less pleasurable holiday and cultural experience.  Although offering jobs and wages for a greater personnel in our experience, when tourism is imposed upon by these giants, local people are more likely to lose sight of their heritage, and get swamped by generic tourism. So, by supporting small, sustainable businesses, we can remind Moroccans that we tourists do value their heritage and culture, and that a wonderful holiday is as much about the experience and cultural exchange as it is about growing tourism numbers.

Below are some excellent NGO’s we work with and support.  If you would like to visit them on your holiday or want to know how you can donate please contact us. 

Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge

a haven of rest for working animals in Morocco

Susan and Charles are the most incredible people.  They have set up Jarjeer mule and donkey sanctuary which grows and grows due to tourist support.  The work they do to make these animals live better and save them from a sad retirement is incredible and selfless.  This is a wonderful day out to see the animals and experience and support their incredible endeavours.

For further informations please phone Susan on 00212 602 866013, Charles on 00212 650 290693 or for Arabic speakers Mohammed on 00212 662 024298 – email: contact@jarjeer.org  

 I know…! Everyone says so, but our visit to this most amazing, mind opening, heart warming and intelligent hospice-cum-reserve-cum-home for these of God’s creatures was the highlight of our trip to Marrakesh. An oasis of kindness and care that puts your feet back on the ground and reminds you about that which really matters: we’re all on this boat together and rowing is not optional. Thank you Susan, thank you Charles, and thank you Men. Pass me an oar!
— Dorine Kunst, Italy

Enfant Espoir -  Marrakech 

A local orphanage in Marrakech manager by the incredible Touria.  The children love visitors and the babies always need to be held and hugged.  You can also bring old blankets and baby clothes if you have them at home.

The women’s co-operative Mhamid - Old Oasis of Mhamid - Sahara 

We support this wonderful co-operative which you can visit when staying with us at Camp Adounia.  The sell local cloth, incense and embroidery and are so happy to receive guests.  This is a great trip when combined with the Kasbah Museum at Moulay Idriss, also a local community initiative, giving the history of the region and its tribes.