At Zamzam we try as hard as we can to provide responsible low-impact tourism. We believe that by restoring a riad to its former glory we are helping to regenerate the medina.

During the renovation of the riad we have tried as much as possible to use natural, local products. All our marble is Moroccan, the cork used to insulate the hammam, Moroccan. We have used local artisans and materials. The wonderfully thick walls of the riad are excellent insulators, providing cool in the summer and warmth in the winter.

At Zamzam we are not big on chemicals and try to use natural cleaning products as much as we can. We are harnessing the biggest resource Morocco has, the sun and have fitted the riad with solar panels. Recycling of rubbish in Morocco has not yet caught on, but wherever we can we recycle. We also encourage our guests to be conscious of resources, especially water, which is part of our room information pack.

We aim to treat our employees fairly and support their personal development.

We support two NGOs, one in Morocco and one in the UK. Please have a look at their web pages and read the wonderful work they are doing. Education For All Morocco help provide the opportunity of a college education for girls from rural Moroccan communities. WOW (Wellbeing of Women) in the UK support research into women’s health issues.